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Inspiration and motivation for larger riders and friends. Our values.

 XL Biking or Extra Large Biking is a cycling community, movement, and brand for all riders of all shapes and sizes. "XL" means all riders are welcome - yes, we're big people thinking big! Our goal is to inspire and motivate others worldwide to use the bicycle as a tool for a possible life. 

For that to happen in a sustainable and respectful manner we show that it is possible to ride as a large person, and at the same time we work to influence the cycling industry, cycling culture, politicians, businesses and the like so that they will see, listen and understand the needs of larger riders and those who feel left out of the cycling world. 

We're not militant with the negative, we're active with the positive. By lifting up what is good we spend more time and energy working with people and brands that really care. 

Not all of us have Tour-de-France body tipes, but we are just as passionate about cycling as anyone else. 


Every body is a cycling body and we work to see all bodies on bikes. 


The people of our community are not "before and after" models. We are people of the here and now, celebrating the bodies we have and doing what we want with them. 

Everyone has the right to ride a bike in their own terms. We ride the way we want, with the bodies, bikes and gear we have here and now. And we work to see all riders take their space. 

Join us for a better cycling world! Start XL Biking Rides with your friends and community! 

All businesses and other partners we feature share our philosophy. We have personally communicated with them and would not recommend them otherwise. 

This is a safe environment free of stigmas and prejudice. 


 Ebbe Paz e Silva

Family Counselor,

blogger and inspirational speaker. 

Family counselor Ebenezer (Ebbe) Silva found his cycling passion again after having weighed 343lbs and decided that his weight would not stop him from doing what he loves. As the journey progressed he noticed that many larger riders had the same questions and challenges as he did, and they were not treated with equality and respect by the cycling industry and culture. So he started XL Biking on social media as a hub in which all riders are welcome and diversity is celebrated not only tolerated. 


Favorite bike: Pelago Stavanger Outback

Dream bike (bikes? ) : La Frasier Randonneur Tout Terrain, Guará Gravel. Patrik Tegner Custom.
Surly MTBs, anything from brands that care.

Terrain:  Mostly gravel and beginning this year more trails! Won't say no to roadcycling nor bikepacking. 


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