Large person and want to start cycling?

Get in touch and book an online consultation with Ebbe Silva. 

Get the best of the XL Biking experience with people who care and champion diversity in cycling. We offer: 

- Bike advice. 
- Clothes advice. 
- Motivation and inspiration.
- Customised possible tips for each individual. 

- Achievable goals and challenges
- And more...

Remember: whether you cycle around the block or arounf the world, you are a cyclist and deserve as much respect as any other cyclist. 

We are not impossible with prices, we want you to be happy with your cycling. Get int touch today. 


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Inspirational seminaries for your group, club, business and friends.

Heavy and Rolling 


Today is the day to own your everyday! 

"Heavy and Rolling" is an inspirational seminary in which we speak about cycling while large and the biopsychosocial (biological, psychological and social factors) benefits and challenges it brings.  Cycling is a wonderful tool for a possible life and everyone has the right to cycle in their own terms. 


XL Customer Service

How can your business best treat larger customers and help create XL Biker safe environments. 

We discuss diversity, equality, good customer service, inclusiveness, sales boost with larger ambassadors, loyality and fidelity and more.

Your business can be a leading force in a new and better cycling culture and never miss out on our demographics.