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"Diversity within the sports culture has to do with much more than skin color, ethnicity, gender or sexual identity. It may as well have to do with something as simple as body weight. Ebbe Silva, who is just as proud of being a cyclist as he is of being a citizen of Västerås, runs the network XL Biking. He wants to help form a better and more inclusive cycling culture - where he lives

and around the world."

- Daniel Breece

Editor in chief, Bicycling Magazine, Sweden. 


"Ebbes positive mindset and problem solving attitude are contagious! With the ambition of making the cycling world more inclusive he started the hub XL Biking"

- Fanny Westin

Editor, Cykling Magazine, Sweden. 

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"Ebbe Silva is a motivational speaker and family counselor with in Sweden. He is the founder of and the proud father of 4 adult children. He bikes year-round as a way to keep his blood sugar levels healthy.

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"It's about time to introduce the newest members of our team as well as a bunch of riders from the extended Pelago family, who we have been collaborating with already for a longer time. First of the series is Ebbe, a blogger from Sweden who rides for a more diverse cycling culture. We also have our share to do"

- Anna Valtonen

Pelago Bicycles, Finland. 

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"The XL Biking Team has been active all summer long and brought home medals från all - Min Vätternrundan - categories. XL Biking even arranges seminaries and consultations. Doing so, Ebbe wishes to change norms and attitudes in the cycling world". 

- Pierre Henriksson Vätternrundan.  

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The XL Biking community actively involved in the the development of Sigrs 3XL-5XL Jerseys
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