A blinking light amidst the chaos - The Svea Jersey story.

The Norse mythology has always fascinated me! During my time as a student in America, I had no idea that one day I'd live among the vikings and learn to love the Nordic Countries! VÄSTERÅS. 2021-07-07

Snow chaos and inspiration

I was rather young when I faced the opportunity of moving to Sweden for the first time, and took it! I wanted to learn the language, explore the culture, get to know its people and their traditions beyond the realm of Volvo, Ikea and the Swedish Chef muppet. I remember my first thoughts when I arrived in Dalarna or Dalecardia in english. The swedish dialect of that region sounded so musical to my ears, almost like Norwegian, the beautiful paintings of the local artists, the traditional Dala-Horses sculpted in wood, and the story of people who against all odds and very harsh cold weather managed to build a high technological society amazed me. It was there I cycled my very first longer ride (at the time 40+ Km was impossible in my eyes) on a borrowed Randonneur 10-speed bike of a friend. My trip to the past stopped as the news of a snowstorm blasting through the entire country came. I looked into social media to find out what others were saying about it and saw a message from a dear friend in our XL Biking community: "My husband is out there on the roads with the machines plowing the snow so no one gets stuck"

I had been researching textile patterns, materials, pictures and traditions to make a jersey that embodied the story of the Nordic people, now came the last bit of inspiration I needed! I prayed a silent prayer for my friend and her husband, and at the same time a feeling of pride of the swedish people surfaced in my heart. Man, these swedes! Like vikings of the modern age there they are showing the storm they can't be messed with! Once they've said they'll do it, that's exaclty what's going to happen! There's a light blinking in the snow chaos, follow it! They're making a way where it seems to be no way! Soon the road will be open, and families, workers, students, young and old will be safe and warm at home again! (Thank you to all who work in impossible conditions).

Endless gravel and amazing roads for cycling

I understand that lots people in Sweden and the rest of the world seek to warmer climate countries for cycling holidays. At the same time I must say that Sweden is amongst the most peaceful and beautiful countries for cycling in the world! Here you can find endless gravel roads for the gravel grinder enthusiast, miles of car-free well paved roads through scenic landscapes and great MTB trails for beginners and more experienced riders. So much to see and a little something for everyone!

Stronger than we think

The XL Biking Community is comprised of people of multiple nationalities and different walks of life. Each and everyone is welcome to affirm and embody our right to live an active life in our terms away from stigmatised ideals and outside pressure. I am one in a fellowship of equals, and I have the privilege of creating and designing fashion that "liberates rather than limits" as Princess Victoria so well puts it! (Her video in english).

With the Svea I hope to turn on the light and help people see their way out of the storms of life, and take the steps to realize that we're stronger than we think! It is one of the marks of a better cycling culture, a design statement with singular class that tells the industry that no rider should be ignored - and here it comes in sizes S to 8XL.

Look no further for motivation

My friend and her husband in this story are cyclists, they're XL Bikers and I'm glad they've chosen to be part of our community. The cycling world is broad, it goes beyond the Tour de France ( I love watching it!) and it is a world of fun, joy, challenges, training, leisure and even romance everyone has the right to be part of! If you need inspiration and motivation perhaps you will do like I did: I needn't look any further than to our XL Biking community! I've become a better person thanks to the people in it! I hope to give back as much as I can! Thank you for being with us! Your journey enriches ours daily! Keep posting! Keep cycling! Keep at it! Ebbe Silva, A swedish XL Biker.


You can preorder the Svea clicking on the pictures or here.

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