TREK Roscoe 6. Phat Test. Does it work for larger riders?

The TREK Roscoe 6 is a fun and stable bike that really deserves a better fork. Does it work for large beginner riders? I've taken a closer look, took it to the trails, tested and came up with 6 reasons that make it a fun ride.

VÄSTERÅS, Sweden, 11-28-2021. EBBE SILVA - XL Biking.

Begginer's moutainbike with a good weight limit and versatility

With a total weight limit of 300 lbs the TREK Roscoe is attractive to larger riders, and it's quite a versatile bike. With mounts for several acessories and racks this can easily be your go-to bike for everyday use. In reality the Roscoe is a beginner's mountainbike (MTB) that can be ridden on easier trails.

Don't be afraid of the expression "beginner's". The entire TREK Roscoe collection (6-9) has a very interesting and comfortbale geometry which helps learn all there's to learn on a MTB before it's time for an upgrade. It is a bike to grow with as a cyclist! In fact your next upgrade might as well be another Roscoe model (7-9) since those have better forks more suited to larger, heavy riders.

Well, how about forks? Should larger riders choose coil or air?

The fork on the TREK Roscoe 6 is a SR Suntour XCM 32 coil fork listed on their website as a "casual MTB" model. It would, in other words, perhaps be better fitted for very light cyclists to ride very mellow trails with. That is a strange compromise that can take the fun away from larger riders.

Coil forks do not offer the possbility of being fine-tuned to the weight of riders. They have some adjustment, but are quite unpredictable and have a tendency to want to catapult larger riders over the handlebar. Luckily they do offer a "locked" position which after trying the entire adjustment range was the best for me.

So, if you're a large rider (198 lbs and up) interested in buying the Roscoe 6, consider upgrading the fork or just getting another Roscoe model (7,8,9). But, do try it! This is a fun bike that will put a smile back on your face! TREK has equipped the other Roscoes with air forks which open a world of possibilities for large riders since they can be adjusted according to rider weight, trail conditions, and fine-tuned with rebound control. I recommend air forks for all riders, they're safer and stronger.

6 reasons that make the Roscoe 6 a fun bike

The temperature was coincidently -6 C (21 F) here in Sweden, a nice sunny winter day which invited to the trails. I love winter rides and threw the Roscoe at the trails, sand pits, crazy mini-descents and some ice. WIth the fork locked I began to understand the geniality of TREK behind this bike's geometry, rider positioning, and choice of accessories - it just came alive under my feet! I have to take my hat off for the dropper post, it worked flawlessly with the bike and held my weight! It is such a fun bike and here's why I think so:

  1. It is an extraordinary climber! Power transfers exactly when you need it!

  2. The dropper post holds my weight (317 lbs).

  3. The Shimano Deore 1x10 gears work as Shimano always does: flawlessly.

  4. This is a very stable bike at speed and easy to maneuver slower too.

  5. The brakes require planning, could be better, but they work for my weight.

  6. Such a comfy bike!

The fork is the only reason this bike does not work for larger riders.

Hard to give it back

Forget marketing tricks, gimmicks and such, you know a bike is fun when you keep wanting to ride it again. The Roscoe is going to be hard to give back after this test. This bike got me thinking of so many other ways of testing it, and every time a remember the curves, roots, bumps and trails it reflects on my legs - I've gotta try the other Roscoes with air forks! Somebody tell TREK we need to do something together!

I had a great time with this bike. Unfortunately I can't recommend it's fork to heavy riders like myself. But, oh boy, what a ride!

More information Bike: TREK Roscoe 6 size L Cyclist: Ebbe Silva. Height: 6'1. Weight: 317 lbs. Location: Västerås, Sweden.

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